Help points

Emergency Response Agencies & Help Desks in and around Mühlacker

Help in the case of immediate danger

  • In the case of immediate danger, you can phone the emergency services on Tel.:  112. This could be for an emergency doctor, or for the fire service, an ambulance, or other service. The emergency services will decide who will come to help you. This number should only be used for emergencies, i.e. for accidents or other life-threatening situations, when you or someone else is in danger. The emergency services will get to you as soon as they can.
  • If you witness a crime or an accident, you can reach the police on Tel.:  110.

Medical emergency services 

  • Doctors’ practices are closed at night and at weekends. You can reach the emergency doctor service on Tel.:  116117. When you phone them, they will tell you whether or not it is necessary for you to go to the emergency practice (the nearest emergency practice is in the clinic in Mühlacker).
    https://www.notfallpraxen.com/notfallpraxis-mühlacker/  The emergency service can also put you in touch with local specialist doctors, if necessary.
  • For women threatened with violence, there is a specific number: Tel.:  0080-0116016. Women impacted by this can get advice here, and be put in touch with aid centres in the local area.

Provisions in the case of financial hardship

Advice centres for those experiencing challenging life situations

For women

For adults, families, children & young people

  • Advice and guidance in (nearly) all issues relating to family life, children, young people and adults is offered by the Advice Centre for Parents, Children and Young People (Beratungsstelle für Eltern, Kinder und Jugendliche) in Mühlacker.
    Advice for Children and Young People (Beratung für Kinder und Jugendliche) / Enzkreis District Administrative Office (Landratsamt Enzkreis):
    Online consultations are also available: Beratungsstelle für Eltern, Kinder und Jugendliche des Enzkreises: https://enzkreis-bstmhl.lagbw.net/

For all

For migrants and refugees

  • At the immigration advice service, adult immigrants can get information on specific issues about living in Germany: https://miteinanderleben.de/menschen-mit-migrationshintergrund/
  • The specialist advice point for asylum-seekers offers in particular guidance and support on issues which impact them. Individual points of contact are given under the same link as for the immigration advice service, with telephone numbers and contact information.

An overview of social service providers in Mühlacker, with more detail, can be found at: